Mid-Florida ACD Fanciers Newsletter = That'll Do
A bi-monthly publication

January 15 for the February newsletter
March 15 for the April newsletter
May 15 for the June newsletter
July 15 for the August newsletter
September 15 for the October newsletter
November 15 for the December newsletter

Here are few things that are needed for the newsletter.....

Ads: The Cover Ad will be a color ad. This cost will be $25.00 per
issue. As a bonus the Cover ad purchaser will also get the front
inside cover 1/2 page. This will hold about 75 words - typing only -
no pictures. It can be used for a memoriam, breeding, info or just
more about the wonderful dog on the cover.

NEW!!!NEW!!! We have had such a request for the cover – we are going
to start offering the inside back cover as an alternative. It will
be a full page and color. The cost will be $20.00 per issue. (NO ½
page will be offered with this option) (at this point people on the
current waiting list for the cover will be given first shot at these)

Inside ads, full page, black and white will be $15.00. Inside ads,
half page, Black and white will be $10.00

We have set up a business card area set up for $12.00 a year.

Submissions: I am looking for any articles you would like published -
if you haven't personally written it, I must have written approval
from the author before it can be published. If anyone is interested
in writing a column each month (ie: herding, agility, obed, etc ) it
would be welcomed.

Puppy Pen: This is to brag about any litters you recently have had.
Please send parents info, DOB, count, etc and I'll get it published
in this area.

Brags Page: I would also like to start a brags page - Please send
you name, the dog's name, event, and placement or title.

Old Timers/Blast from the past: Looking for dogs that made a mark in
the breed – either in the breed rings, herding/performance arenas, or
in the whelping box. Please send an article about them and a

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions:
at bdcattlekennel@aol.com
Deb Mintzer