By listing these members, the Club does not endorse nor
recommend any breeder, nor does it guarantee the puppies or
services of any breeder. The listing of member/breeders is designed
for the convenience of prospective owners trying to locate a puppy,
a grown dog, a rescue dog, or for those seeking stud service.
Everyone who is listed has agreed to abide by the Club's Bylaws
and the regulations of The American Kennel Club.

Stacey Helsel
Kylie Australian Cattle Dogs

Cynthia Humphrey
Call Me Farms
Parrish, FL

Brian & Debra Mintzer
Taylryder ACD
Bushnell, FL


So you think you want an Australian Cattle Dog Puppy. 
Some facts and information you should be aware of before you buy one.
Please read all the information under ABOUT ADC on this website and
check out the web for all the information you can read about the breed.
This breed is NOT for everyone, as they are a herding breed and can
have a pretty tough personality. 

When checking out a potential Breeder, make sure of the following:
About the Breeder:
  1. That they are in good standing with the AKC
  2. Visit their kennel
  3. That the puppies are raised in the house with a lot of socialization.
  4. See both parents of the puppy if possible
The parents of the puppy have been tested for
   1. PRA (see explanation of this disease under ABOUT ACD
   2. That the parents are OFA certified
The Puppy
  1. Has been socialized and is out-going and happy
  2. Is healthy, has had all shots up to date
  3. Has a certificate from a Veterinarian as to it's health 


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