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Bill HB451
Sponsored by: Chris Dorworth
Co-sponsored by: Scott Randolph

Sterilization of Dogs and Cats: Requires sterilization of dogs &
cats of specified age; provides exceptions; authorizes county or
municipality to enact ordinances requiring licensure of dogs & cats
that are not sterilized; requires DOACS to adopt rules for approval
of breed registration organizations; provides penalties; conforms
requirements for sterilization of dogs & cats in animal shelters &
animal control agencies to changes made by act; deletes provision
extending time for sterilization; authorizes county & municipal
ordinances relating to sterilization of animals; authorizes county or
municipality to collect surcharge on civil penalties.

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If we do not act now... this bill could be passed as early as May

AKC believes that any attempt at restricting the rights and liberties of
responsible breeders—especially via mandatory spay/neuter laws—

The Florida Legislature will convene its session in early March. As a recently
filed bill, HB 451 has not yet been referred to a committee within the Florida
House of Representatives. However, it is important that all responsible dog
breeding and owning Floridians write their elected officials in Tallahassee now,
respectfully expressing their strong opposition to HB 451, and asking them to
oppose the bill. This will help ensure that the bill will not be considered when
the legislature comes into session.

For a copy20of the AKC’s Disagree Diplomatically brochure, please click here.


To find out who represents you in the Florida House of Representatives,
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For a sample letter to your Representative, please click here.


To find out who represents you in the Florida Senate, please click here.

Florida State Senate

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The AKC Government Relations Department will continue to monitor the consideration of
HB 451 and will notify the purebred dog community when the bill is assigned to a committee.
Contact information for committee members will be provided and purebred dog owners should
express their opposition to HB 451 to committee members at that time.

For more information, please contact AKC’s Government Relations Department
at (919) 816-3720, or e-mail

Link to NAIA ISSUES (National Animal Interest Alliance )

This site has information on legislative action taking place here in Florida.
At the bottom of the page is a form letter that can be emailed or sent
regular mail.

The NAIA Trust is a nonprofit 501 (c) 4 organization established
under the Internal Revenue Code to promote responsible animal
care and ownership and reasonable laws, policies and regulations
to protect animals and the people who care for them

The Trust also advances the well-being of animals and the rights of
responsible animal owners by promoting reasonable animal control
laws that target irresponsible owners while protecting humane practices
helping animal owners defeat existing or pending laws that unjustly
restrict or ban breeds and species, unfairly limit the number of animals an
owner can keep, limit the responsible breeding of pets, place exorbitant fees
on maintaining intact dogs and cats, codify pet guardianship as an alternative
to ownership, or place restrictions on ownership that are impossible to meet

List of State Agriculture Committee Members:
CHAIR: JD Alexander (R) District 17 (DeSoto,Glades,Okeechobee,
          Polk and St. Lucie counties)
VICE-CHAIR: Larcenia J. Bullard (D)-District 39 (Consist of Monroe 
          and parts of Broward,Collier
Hendry,Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties)
Lisa Carlton (R) District 23-(Consist of part of Charlotte, Manatee 
          and Sarasota counties)
Alex Diaz de la Portilla (R) District 36- (Consist of part of 
          Miami-Dade county)
Durell Peaden, Jr (R) District 2 (Consists of Holmes, Washington and parts
          of Bay,Escambia,Okaloosa,Santa Rosa and Walton counties)
Jeremy Ring (D)-District 32 (Consists of part of Broward County)


There are several states that are writing and passing
legislation that could be detrimental to the small
hobby breeders of pure bred dogs.

To read about this country wide legislation go to: